Most of us remember playing the Telephone Game at a party as children: The first player thinks of a sentence, then whispers it in into the ear of the player […]

In the world of Microsoft, macros are the way many users automate various steps of their daily processes. There are two basic types of macros, recorded and coded. Recorded macros […]

Making order out of the chaos of our Inbox  can be a cumbersome job. However, failing to do so often means we have a hard time finding needed emails regarding […]

Summer is winding down, and the Back to School sales are in full force. It is time for students to sharpen their pencils and respond to the school-bell call to […]

 Removing duplicate information can be both helpful and intimidating when working with many line items in Excel. Follow these steps to make the process easy : Ensure your data has […]

All too often, when we are sent data from other, it is not presented in the view we would like. Changing the way our data looks, and being able to […]

In older versions of SharePoint, uploading multiple documents was not an easy process, whereas the newer versions of SharePoint (2013, 2016 and 365) have the added ability to drag and […]

Many organizations that adopt SharePoint as a document management system simply import the files in their shared drives in one fell swoop, without considering some powerful SharePoint tools, like Metadata. […]

SharePoint is a great way to organize documents – far better than a shared drive – but sometimes it can be a little confusing when trying to upload documents into […]

Project Managers might need to get lists of tasks for a project from more than one source in order to track everything throughout the project. The project manager could link […]