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As online learning platforms have become more available in recent years, many companies jumped at the opportunity to offer low cost, low infrastructure learning to its employees, in place of […]

When you think of Microsoft Excel what comes to mind? Accounting spreadsheets? Using formulas to calculate numbers? Generally, we think of Excel only as a system to manage our numbers, […]

Many students come to us wanting to learn how to create macros in Excel to automate their spreadsheets.  However, they often don’t realize that formulas can be used to create […]

Let’s face it: Summer just isn’t the time to work on you. With the kids out of school, family gatherings for the Fourth of July, backyard barbecues, and trips to […]

Following documents in SharePoint can be an efficient way to keep track of where a work  process is from day to day. This is especially useful if there are many […]

Why is Risk Management the Key to Successful Project Planning? Every project runs into hiccups and bumps along the way. Some project managers will close their eyes and pretend that […]

When you loaded you backpack for the first day of school, do you remember feeling that sense of excitement and endless possibilities opening in front of you? While we may […]

Presentations don’t happen in a vacuum, and there are many things that can occur to sway your presentation away from how you planned it to run.  For presenters, the key […]

There are certain best practices for databases that are not widely known. One of these best practices is using forms to add, browse, or edit records. Often, we use the […]

MS Project has many pieces of functionality that are not well known, or just not often used, because many users are not sure how to use them properly. Resources is […]