Are you often theone who is giving presentations in company meetings? Are you tired of trying to fumble through a presentation tool? AdvantEdge Training & Consulting has just the solution for you! Our Microsoft PowerPoint training is extremely beneficial when it comes to developing visual and engaging presentations. The last thing you want as a presenter is to have the crowd dosing off or yawning because they are bored to tears. You want a presentation that is exciting and informative all-in-one. 

PowerPoint is a great tool to spice up your presentations. Whether you have played around with it before or you have never opened the application our Microsoft PowerPoint trainings can help you. You will be able to create presentations that are a breath of fresh air compared to dry, boring, un-professional presentations given normally.

PowerPoint has many different capabilities and we will cover these in greater depth in each of our trainings. You can turn your presentation from the same old, same old to one that is organized and intentionally structured through our Microsoft PowerPoint trainings. You will be able to design and create a professional and consistent format throughout your presentation. If you are doing a series of presentations you can create a theme that keeps the same formatting throughout the series so that there is a flow throughout each individual presentation which connects them together. You can increase engagement through visual animations and customization is available for backgrounds so that you can keep relevancy for what you are presenting on.

It is our mission to meet you or your company right where you are currently at. We have developed and take pride in our variety of trainings that we provide as a company. At AdvantEdge Training & Consulting we suggest classes on Microsoft PowerPoint training at three different levels:

  • PowerPoint Basic – Building Blocks Learning how to navigate this software is simple with our training. Begin expressing ideas effectively and become a pro at PowerPoint. Learn how to use all the building blocks and basic tools to quickly create presentations.
  • PowerPoint Intermediate – Designing for Presentations Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level by learning to make more complex, interactive, and engaging presentations. Learn the secrets to creating slides that will captivate your audience with dynamic graphics.
  • PowerPoint Advanced – Making Things Move For users who frequently build PowerPoint presentations, this class shows the tips and tricks to build visual animated presentations. Wow your audience with interesting animations and engaging custom graphics.
  • Image Tricks to Make PowerPoint More Dynamic (Webinar) Are your PowerPoint presentations lacking the polish or punch you’d like them to have? Do you need to make sure your presentations captivate and persuade your audience. Do you need to make sure your message is better conveyed and retained?

Our instructors are based in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona, but can travel to your location anywhere in the nation. Or if you are just looking for an individual seat in a class, you can register to take a class in our Virtual Training Center.

Learn more about PowerPoint so that you can have the upper hand over your competition.

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