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PowerPoint allows you to convey your ideas effectively to others with much greater impact than the spoken or written word alone can convey. Whether it is a sales proposal, a training session, or an annual stockholders’ presentation, PowerPoint will help you keep your audience riveted and ready to absorb the information you are presenting. Our Basic PowerPoint training class will introduce you to this important application, giving you the skills to build and run simple PowerPoint presentations, Navigating the software is simple with our tips and tricks. To make sure you are gaining a confident foundation in PowerPoint, our Basic class offers ample interactive activities. Our knowledgeable instructors will be there, to answer your questions and lead you a strong understanding of PowerPoint basics.

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this class will be able to build a simple PowerPoint presentation. They will learn to navigate the application, as well as utilize the different views available. Students will learn to create slides, insert text and graphics, and add charts to presentations to make data really pop. Animation and transitions between slides will also be covered. Finally, students we understand the various tools for finalizing their presentations.


Students entering this Basic PowerPoint training course should possess basic computer skills, and have a familiarity with Microsoft Windows.

Topics Covered

  • Quick Access menu
  • Moving through slides
  • Views
  • Zooming
  • Building a new presentation
  • Entering text
  • Saving the presentation

Outline View

  • Creating new slides
  • Indent levels
  • Cutting and pasting text

Slide Master & Slide View

  • Formatting the slide master
  • Applying designs and styles
  • Working in the normal view
  • Inserting new slides
  • Customizing a slide

Pictures & Graphics

  • Inserting pictures
  • Resizing and moving pictures
  • AutoShapes
  • Entering text
  • Placing a picture on a slide
  • Placeholders
  • Drawing shapes


  • Adding a chart
  • Editing data in a chart
  • Formatting a chart

Transitions & Animations

  • Slide sorter view
  • Duplicating and rearranging slides
  • Slide show window
  • Animating text
  • Transitioning slides

Viewing the Presentation & Tools

  • Running the presentation
  • Packaging for CD
  • Audience handouts

AdvantEdge Training’s Basic PowerPoint class, will give you strong foundational skills in this application, allowing you to express your ideas with simple, yet solid, presentations. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees. Our instructors are based in Arizona and Colorado but can travel to your location anywhere in the United States.

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