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We offer many options to create the training plan that is right for your organization.

  • Instructional Design – Our instructional design experience includes everything from minor customizations of standard classes to multifaceted programs for large organizations going through significant changes.
    We work with businesses of all sizes, to design custom training that perfectly addresses student needs. We habitually surpass clients’ expectations by fully understanding the project constraints, the audience, and the desired outcome.
  • Customized Training -We base much of our customized training around standard materials but incorporate clients’ specific documents, files, requests, and scenarios. Customized training is targeted training that addresses the most important issues.
    Our extensive library of materials gives us a head start on requests, lowering the overall cost of the training.
  • Large Projects -We approach training for large changes or highly specific requirements with instructional design best practices in mind. Our work includes everything from initial conception and needs assessments to delivery and follow up.
    We’ve designed and delivered training for organizations of 800 or more employees, covering a wide variety of topics. Our work includes support for critical software upgrades and organizational change.

Instructional Design Methodology

At AdvantEdge Training & Consulting we use the ADDIE method of instructional design to create training programs that increase retention and allow employees to quickly put their new skills to work. Included in our 5 stages are:

  • Analysis – Employee surveys, discussions and focus groups, reviews of systems and processes, and analysis of the company culture to identify the best training delivery methods to meet those needs.
  • Design – The layout and roadmap of the training plan, includes identification of project roles, training content modules, objectives, lesson plans, evaluation strategy, delivery methods, schedule of deadlines and development plan.
  • Development – Development of all training components such as student materials, facilitator guides, e-learning or other virtual training modules, evaluation tools.
  • Implementation – Actual delivery of developed training content whether synchronous (instructor led) or asynchronous (self-paced) training.
  • Evaluation – This includes evaluation of the effectiveness of the training program overall as well as the student mastery.

Customized Training Development

We typically recommend a blended learning approach for projects with any complexity. Our custom training development blends several delivery methodologies, including:

  • Instructor led training- Custom training including activities, discussion, props, and other learning tools.
  • Training materials- Both accompanied with Instructor led training, or as reference materials.
  • E-learning- Computer based training in self-paced lessons that may include multimedia, interactivity, and tests.
  • Webinars– online learning by live broadcast.

By using a variety of methodologies, good instruction design meets the needs of all types of learning styles.

Getting started with Instructional design

  • Is your leadership development or high potential program returning results?
  • Will your organization go through a significant change or software upgrade?
  • Is there a specific desired state for a group of employees in your business?

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