Microsoft Outlook Training

Class Duration: 4 hours

It can sometimes feel like the chaos of managing emails, appointments, and all the other tasks of our working lives is going to overwhelm us. But getting organized doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Microsoft Outlook is the standard Office tool for working with email, scheduling appointments, and organizing your work life. This Microsoft Office Outlook training class teaches the basic-to-advanced features and functionality of the application, and shows how these features can be applied to the real world. Our knowledgeable instructors will lead you to a full understanding of the material, as well as to answer all of your questions. Hands-on activities are included, so that you can be sure you have mastered each lesson.

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this class will be able to use Microsoft Outlook for email, contacts, and calendars. They will be able to customize Outlook to best meet their own needs. This course includes Outlook email training, making the default business internet communication application understandable for all users. Students will understand how to manage their contacts, create signatures, group and organize emails, and even how to employ auto-reply functions. Students will be able to schedule appointments and plan meetings, track follow-up flags and other tasks.


Students entering this Microsoft Outlook training class should possess foundational skills in Microsoft Office, including general navigation within the MS Office environment, and have a familiarity with the Ribbon, tabs, and groups. They should also have basic computer skills and be familiar with sending emails.

Topic Covered

  • Setting preferences
  • Customizing views and signatures
  • Auto Archiving
  • Out of office reply
  • Advanced toolbar
  • Viewing e-mails in groups
  • Custom views
  • Adding columns
  • Creating search folders
  • Follow up flags
  • Printing calendars and options
  • Using e-mail voting buttons & features
  • Deleting auto-complete e-mail addresses
  • Creating rules
  • Printing attachments
  • Organizing contacts with categories
  • Managing and tracking client interactions with Outlook activities
  • Emailing contact cards
  • Using tasks (creating, organizing, assigning and tracking)
  • Setting additional preferences
  • Setting calendars and folders sharing permissions
  • Planning meetings
  • Using and creating Public Folders

Get organized with AdvantEdge Training’s Microsoft Outlook class. Our instructors are based in Phoenix and Denver, but can travel to any location outside of those states.