PowerPoint Advanced - Making Things Move

Class Duration: 4 hours

This course is all about adding movement to your presentations. Learn how to add advanced animation techniques, incorporate Videos and sound, and add interactive action buttons. For users who frequently build PowerPoint presentations, it is important to give them a professional polish, as well as to learn the techniques to keep your audience engaged. Wow your audience with interesting animations and engaging custom graphics. This class includes ample interactive activities to enable you to be sure you have mastered each lesson. Our skilled educators will be on hand throughout the course to lead you to a thorough understanding of Advanced PowerPoint skills, as well as to answer all of your questions.

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this class will be able to build effective, interesting PowerPoint presentations that use the advanced features of the program to add animation aspects. This Advanced PowerPoint class will teach students to fully customize their presentations, with custom color schemes and templates. Students will also learn to use custom shapes, charts, and advanced animations. Additionally, students will learn to create builds, and add audio to their presentations. Students will also learn how to create self-running presentations.


Students who take this course should possess foundational PowerPoint skills, and have experience building presentations.

Topics Covered

  • Creating custom color schemes
  • Adding a background fill effect
  • Editing the slide master
  • Activating a placeholder
  • Formatting bullets and titles
  • Using a template
  • Adding an Action Button to the Master

Custom Shapes and Text Animation

  • Animating text
  • Multiple text boxes
  • Reshaping placeholders
  • Custom motion paths
  • Animating shapes
  • Image layering
  • Animating shape
  • Animation settings

Builds Versus Animation

  • Image layering animation
  • Adding WordArt
  • Combining AutoShapes and WordArt
  • Animating shapes
  • Adding a chart as a picture
  • Creating builds
  • Adding an Excel chart

Video and Audio

  • Adding a video file
  • Microsoft animations
  • Adding and adjusting audio clips

Presentation Tools

  • Right-Click slide show menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Timing the presentation
  • Custom shows

AdvantEdge Training’s Advanced PowerPoint Training course will help you give your presentations the pizzazz and polish to keep your audience hanging on every word and image. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees. Our instructors are based in Phoenix and Denver, but can travel to your location anywhere in the United States.

Upcoming Classes

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