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Professional Development

Professional Development can incorporate a wide range of courses, from management to communication.  However, one thing is consistent in professional development training: Every profession can benefit from them.   Could you improve your time management to get more accomplished each day?  Do you need to enhance your emotional intelligence skills to deal with difficult co-workers, or help your employees deal better with upcoming company changes?  Could you sharpen your public speaking skills to sell your ideas and products, making them irresistible to clients?
If you don’t focus on continuously sharpening these skills, you become less marketable in the workforce, and have less chance for growth in your company.  For example, 71% of hiring manages said EQ is more important than IQ when evaluating who to hire.
Employers say that those with stronger skills in these areas are more desirable because they:

  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Lead by example
  • Are better negotiators
  • Put more consideration into business decisions
  • Resolve conflict more effectively
  • Get along better with coworkers
  • Generate higher profits
  • Contribute more to the team
  • Are more adaptable to change

How can you develop your employees or yourself in these areas?  Consider the appropriate course for your needs:

  • Time Management with Outlook – Be empowered to get more from your day. Learn to control emails, so they don’t control you.  Learn how to mitigate disruptions.  Get the skills to get organized so that nothing falls through the cracks, and lower your stress.
  • Management 101 – Looking to move into management, or are you a recently anointed manager who hasn’t had any formal training yet?  There are important techniques and skills needed to be a successful manager.  Unsuccessful managers are usually a product of little to no formal training.  Learn the skills to ensure you don’t fall into this category.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Those with the most impact and influence at work have the highest EQ.  Developing your Emotional Intelligence will help you be more effective in communication, persuading people, and achieving your desired goals and success.
  • Effective Business Communication – Learning how to be effective at communicating in business can clear up conflict and errors, can help you learn how to be more assertive as well as when to dial it back, and can help you express yourself in ways that give you more leverage.
  • Managing Conflict with Communication – Conflict is an inevitable part of business.  Learn how to prevent, manage, and master conflict.  Learn how to get to win-win results, and how to establish positive intent.
  • Public Speaking – Good public speakers don’t just deliver engaging presentations, they change opinions, gain buy-in from others, and have a powerful amount of influence.  Anyone can be a dynamic presenter, by learning how to overcome fears, and by using techniques to ensure your audience will be so excited to hear what you are going to say next, they will never lose interest during your presentation.
  • Project Management – Managing projects is different from managing people.    There are multiple resources and risks to juggle.  Become an expert in managing projects by learning how to control risks, manage scope creep, stay within budgets, and complete projects on time.

Check out AdvantEdge Training and Consulting’s entire slate of Professional Development courses to give your career the polish it needs to propel you forward!

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