Project Management

Intro to Project Management Training

Our Introduction to Project Management training class introduces formal strategies and skills that are essential to managing projects effectively.

Class Duration: 2 days

Learn to Plan and Execute Projects

Though planning is an important part of Project Management, it alone cannot guarantee a satisfactory conclusion. Project Managers must adapt to the inevitable challenges and changes that could derail their projects.

Our Intro to Project Management training class teaches skills in both designing and executing projects, including:

  • Controlling risks
  • Managing scope creep
  • Staying within budget
  • Completing projects on time

Who should attend?

This class is suitable for anyone who needs to have more successful project outcomes. This includes individuals from every department in a company, not just the Project Management Office. Many attendees will not have the title “Project Manager”.

The class is also appropriate for both experienced project managers who have never been exposed to formal approaches and new project managers who want to start their careers in the right direction.


Prior project management experience is not required for this class.

What can I expect to get out of the class?

Students leaving this class will have a solid foundation of skills to practice project management. The class includes information on the following topics:

  • How to lay out a project the simple, professional way
  • The Triple Constraints, and why you must use them
  • Gantt Charting and other planning tools
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Building a Project Plan
  • Scheduling
  • Assessing Project Risks
  • Contingency Planning
  • Controlling Change
  • Closing Out a Project

The Intro to Project Management course is a 2 day interactive hands-on class. Our instructors are based in Arizona and Colorado, but can travel to any location outside of those states.