Employee Team Breakdown

Employee team breakdown
Are you spending more time managing the interpersonal relationships between your employees than actually helping your team meet their goals? Is communication between your team members wrought with tension? Do you sometimes feel like you are working with a bunch of 12 year-olds, instead of business professionals? Is your office more like a war zone than a productive work environment?
Then your employees are likely experiencing a team breakdown.
When employees feel supported by good managers, are able to communicate effectively with each other, and make sound, non-emotionally charged decisions in the work place, productivity goes dramatically up. When any of these factors go awry, too much time is spent navigating the minefield of a hostile work environment for the team to be performing at its best. In the worst case, you will lose quality team members, as they no longer feel valued or supported by their team.

Rebuild your Team

AdvantEdge Training & Consulting has a variety of courses that can diffuse workplace tensions, and get your team back on track toward peak productivity.

  • Emotional Intelligence is one of the peak predictors of highly successful people. This class can help students understand how their personal Map of the World informs their decisions, as well as learn the best ways for working with others on their team.
  • AETC’s Management 101 class will help build strong management skills, allowing even the novice manager to understand the key role management plays in the productivity of their team, as well as how to embody the powerful force of Service Leadership.
  • When communications break down, our Effective Business Communication class can break through misunderstandings between team members to allow information to flow freely once more.
  • Conflict Management can be key to easing stress within your team, so that they can focus on the tasks at hand, instead of interpersonal tensions.
  • Start building the best team from the ground up by learning the important skills of Behavioral Interviewing. Once you have the right people hired, learn the specific skills managers need to get everyone working together and trusting each other with AETC’s Team Building
  • There are unique management skills needed for those who head employees who work outside of a central office. Our online self-paced Managing Remote Employees course can help you master the unique techniques needed to manage a team of employees dispersed across multiple locations.
    This course is also offered in a live instructor led format as well.

Before your team suffers from a complete breakdown, get the training needed to keep employees productive and feeling supported by management, as well as their fellow team members, with training from AdvantEdge Training & Consulting.
Register online, or contact our sales office for more information, including private group training, at (303) 900-8963 or [email protected].