Microsoft Word: Using a Table to Anchor a Photo

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Placing photos in Word can be notoriously difficult. One trick is to use tables to position images.
How to insert a photo into a table:

    • From the Insert Tab, in the Tables group, create a one column, one row table.Anchor a Photo
    • Click in the first row of the table.
    • From the Insert Tab, in the Illustrations group click Picture and select the image to be inserted.
    • Resize the image.
    • Resize the Table to fit the image.
    • Right click on the table and select Table Properties.
    • In the Table Properties dialog box select the Text wrapping Around.
    • Click on the Positioning button.Anchor a Photo
    • The Table Positioning dialog box will open. You can then determine exactly where you want the table with the image to be located on the page.



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