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Adding Subprojects in Microsoft Project

Add Subprojects - MS Project
Project Managers might need to get lists of tasks for a project from more than one source in order to track everything throughout the project. The project manager could link the files, but in most cases, linking too many files can cause issues with the main Project file. When too many files are linked together, computers, connections, and Project file sizes can cause issues, unless your company is using the Enterprise level for MS Project

Instead of linking the Project files, why not insert them as Subprojects? This process is very easy, and puts everything in one place. The main difference is that linked files update when the main file is opened, whereas Subprojects do not automatically update. Deciding which method to use is usually left up to the project manager, the software, and the system being used by the company. Regardless, using Subprojects is a viable option to add the necessary tasks from an outside source, so proper tracking can be managed.

Here is how you can use Subprojects:

  1. Ensure you have the main Project file opened, and that you have access to the file, with the outside sourced tasks, to be added to the main Project file.
  2. Select the task to which you want the Subproject tasks added – Note that the imported set of tasks will always insert above the selected task.Task List
  3. Click the Project tab of the ribbon, then click +Subproject in the Insert group, to the far left.Insert Subproject
  4. Find and select the file you wish to insert, then click the Insert button. Insert button  File to insert
  5. The group of tasks will be inserted, and you are done!Inserted files
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