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Go Further than Advanced in Excel

Beyond Advanced Excel
You know your way around a spreadsheet. You know how to set up your columns; you use some swanky shortcuts to reduce the time it takes you to input data; you have a utilitarian list of Excel functions at your disposal.
But what if you could do more? What if you could become the ultimate master of Excel?

Take your skills further

The truth is that you can go further than advanced with your Excel skills. AdvantEdge Training & Consulting has the classes to get you there. Whether you need to be able to crunch your data with more powerful functions and formulas, fully automate your workbooks, or even master ways in which to present your data in highly impactful and dynamic ways, we’ve got the training to accelerate your efficiency with Excel.

  • Excel Functions and Formulas gives you a solid understanding of advanced formulas and functions that can help with more complicated projects. This course takes an intense look at complex formulas, including how to nest them, create filters, employ arrays, and create drop-down lists to fully automate your workbooks for other’s use.
  • Excel Pivot Tables & Charts teaches you to analyze data using these important tools. You will learn how to turn a table of data into useful analysis, as well as ways to give your data more visual impact, using the many different charts available in the application.
  • Excel Managing Databases gives you the skills to turn your Excel data into useful databases. You will leave this class with a mastery of the tools and formulas that work best in dealing with large sets of information, and have an understanding of database functions, macros, analysis tools, and viewing tips, to best work with large amounts of data.
  • Excel Dashboards teaches you how to create dashboards in Excel that allow you to extract actionable organizational intelligence from your raw data, and present it in a visual format that enables decision makers to view key trends and conclusions at a glance, helping you get the right information in front of the right people.
  • Excel Macros gives you the power to automate your worksheets to free yourself from repetitive tasks, covering the steps necessary to create macros and record macros, and includes an introduction to the VBA Editor to edit existing macro coding..

Feel like maybe you aren’t quite yet ready to go beyond Advanced? We have you covered there, too. Our intensive three day Excel Boot Camp takes you through all of the content of our Intermediate and Advanced classes, as well as the Pivot Tables and Charts, Functions and Formulas, and Managing Databases courses.
Get ready to rule the world of spreadsheets and databases, with next level Excel training from AdvantEdge training!

Register online, or contact our sales office for more information, including private group training, at (303) 900-8963 or [email protected].
If you have at least 5 people we can create a session just for you.  Or, you can contact us for a private session. Contact Us

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