Excel Macros Training


Class Duration: 4 hours

Excel macros are an excellent tool to help streamline your workflow, and cut down on repetitive tasks. The ability to record macros in Microsoft Excel means that you can easily add macros to your daily work. Learn how to automate your spreadsheets from one of our instructors either at your location or through our Virtual Training Center.

Training Class Goal

This class will cover the steps necessary to create macros, recording macros, your personal macro workbook and a brief introduction to the VBA Editor that will allow you to edit existing macros.


Understanding of Excel fundamentals including formatting, navigation, basic formulas, basic functions. Students should be comfortable with basic IF statements.

Topics Covered

Creating and Editing Macros

  • Planning a macro
  • Recording macros
  • Accessing macros
  • Intro to VBA Editor
  • Editing an existing macro in the VBA Editor
  • Personal Macro Workbook
  • Moving a macro to your personal macro workbook

Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees. Our instructors are based in Denver and Phoenix, but can travel to any location in the nation.