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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication
Emotional Intelligence and effective interpersonal communication are important tools in the workplace, but getting a handle on these skills is not always simple. Understanding the motivations of others, as well as being able to best express your ideas to others, can be central to building a strong team for any project. When these elements break down, it can lead to counterproductive interactions.  Every team member comes with their own unique set of circumstances, from their personality, history, and skills, to their own word usage and feelings about certain phrases. Our best intentions to be understood and not offend will not necessarily pave the road to a successful interaction.
In one office, two employees, Erin and Trish often interact.  Erin comes from a Midwestern urban area, where the phrase “What’s up?” is often used as a way to say “Hi.” Trish is a laid-back California native who is irritated every time Erin greets her using that phrase. It makes her feel like Erin is rushing her to get to the point. This is a simple example of how communications can become problematic. Erin’s intent and Trish’s perception of this phrase is radically different. Erin could be stubborn and insist on continuing to use this phrase, as she knows she does not mean to rush Trish along, but doing so would only hurt their ability to communicate. She knows Trish hears it as a demand, no matter how much Erin explains her usage of the phrase. Erin could be offended that Trish chooses to interpret her words this way, but doing so would further break down their ability to share their thoughts with each other.
This sort of miscommunication is quite common in the work place, and can severely hamper your team’s ability to achieve their objectives.  So, how can we navigate the potential pitfalls of language and our emotional responses to it? AdvantEdge Training & Consulting offers several classes that can help you get a handle on your emotional state, as well as become a master of effective interactions.

  • Our Emotional Intelligence training course will teach you how to influence and direct your emotional states, read and influence others’ emotions, and even anticipate their behaviors. Emotional Intelligence classes will help you develop the skills to be more effective in communication, manage conflicts better, and find more common ground in your interactions.
  • In our Effective Business Communication class, you will learn to be more effective in your conversations, gaining results that are more positive from your interactions.
  • Managing a complex team of people? Management 101 will give you the skills you need to guide and motivate your team, as well as defuse the conflicts that often arise when varied personalities need to come together to complete tasks.

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