The Formula to Success at Mission Critical Systems

Since we opened our training division at Mission Critical Systems 10 years ago, we have enjoyed great success, with annual growth, as more clients join us each year. We are often asked why we have such a large following. We try to offer a unique and boutique-like training experience. Our first priority is quality. Our customers are important to us, and we see and interact with each and every one of them. This is why we have so many returning clients, as well as new ones that discover us each day.
We ask our customers what is important to them and what makes us different; here are some of the reasons they continue to come to us for their training needs:

  • Live, on-site instructors – This is one of the biggest advantages our customers enjoy. Our classes are all hands-on, with a live instructor there, in the class room, with you. All of our competitors are moving to online-only classes, in which the instructor is broadcast from another location to your monitor. Some of our competitors have a physical location; however, when students get there, they find they are sat in front of a monitor, with the instructor in another city. At Mission Critical, we make sure the instructor is there with you, so you can literally reach out and touch them. It gives our students a richer learning experience, in which they can read body language, and clearly see whiteboards, projectors, and other visual aids. Also, the instructor can walk over to see what the student is working on, and more easily assist them.
  • Small class size – We limit our class size to no more than 15 students, and most of our training center classes have a maximum of 12 students. This gives a better instructor-to-student ratio, so that students can get the attention they need
  • Corporate class length – We don’t waste your time. Many of our classes are optimized to fit into a half day length, without skimping on training content. This increases retention, and allows you to get back to work in the same day to try your new skills!
  • Hands-on learning – Some of our national competitors fit hundreds of people in a traveling class held in a hotel ballroom. The training experience is as impersonal as a football stadium and only employs a demo-style format. The students cannot practice what they are learning. All of our classes are hands-on, where students learn while doing. This greatly increases retention of the course content.
  • Free class retakes – Did you forget something you learned in class? You can come back to re-take the class for free within 6 months of your original class date.
  • Free workshops – Any of our Excel, Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint classes can be followed up with free time in our workshops to get additional help from an instructor on your own projects.

We are a training company that was built by trainers. We understand how adults learn and retain information. Our customers are not just a number that we add to a large class of other numbers, with instructors that never really meet or interact with students. We want each of our customers to have a unique training experience, getting the attention they need from the instructor.
Why do we insist on maintaining this type of training experience, when all of our competitors are going to an online-only and informal training method? Because we care about quality, not quantity.
Are we on the right track? We think so, but we want our customers to be the judge.
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