Format line and paragraph spacing to MLA style

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The Word 2007-2010 default Paragraph settings need to be formatted to MLA style standards. This includes reducing the spacing after a paragraph to zero, and changing line spacing to double spaced.
paar_frBoth paragraph formatting and line spacing are controlled in the same window.
From the Home Tab in the Paragraph section

  • Click the Paragraph Dialogbox launcher. This will open the Paragraph dialog box.
  • In the Spacingsection, change the After: to 0 pt.
  • In theLine spacing: section use the drop-down menu to select Double.

Note: to permanently change the formatting to Spacing After 0 pt and Line spacing: Double for all future documents:

  • Select the Set As Defaultbutton in the lower right corner.
  • In the Microsoft Word dialog box, click All documents based on the Normal template?This will set the formatting for all future Microsoft Word documents to the paragraph settings you defined.
  • Click OK

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