Create a PDF from a Word Document

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Create a PDF of your document right from Microsoft Word.
There are 2 major reasons you would want to create a pdf from a Word document. First, the recipient of the file does not have to have Word installed to view the document. The viewer can be downloaded for free, and second, a static document is a read-only snapshot of the file. Nothing in the document can be altered.
There are 2 static document file formats available in Microsoft Word. .xps files can be viewed using Internet Explorer. .pdf files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
email_openTo create a PDF follow these instructions.

  • Click the FileTab and scroll down toSave & Send item and select Create PDF/XPS Document.
  • In the Create a PDF /XPS box, clickCreate PDF/XPS.
  • The SaveDialog box will open you can then save the document as you normally would.

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