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New Excel 2019 Function: MROUND

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MROUND Function in Excel

Every new version of Microsoft Excel comes with new or updated functions. The 2019 version of Excel is no exception. One of the new functions is MROUND.

MROUND is a little different than other rounding functions, as you reference a cell with a number and tell it to give you the closest multiple requested by you. For example, if I tell the function to give me the closest multiple of 400, then when I place a 1 in the referenced cell, it will give me a zero. However, if I place 300 in the referenced cell, the function will populate a 400. If I place 500 in the referenced cell, I will get 400 as well; but if I place 700 in the referenced cell, I will get 800.

Check out this video to see how to set up the function and see how it works:

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