Selecting Text in Word

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Selecting text in Word
There are different ways to select text in a Word document, from a single word to the entire document. Sure, you can drag-select text anywhere in a document, but selecting text with a few clicks can be much faster.

Just click to select text

Single-clicking anywhere in text gets you where you are going, but it does not select any text for you. However, single-clicking to the left of any line of text will select the entire line of text.Selecting text in Word - single line
Double-clicking an individual word will select the word, while double-clicking just to the left of a paragraph will select the entire paragraph.Selecting text in Word - single word
Selecting text in Word - full paragraph
Triple-clicking within your text will select the entire paragraph, while triple-clicking to the left of your text will select the entire document.Selecting text in Word - paragraph option

Selecting text in Word - full document

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