The Value of our Training

Most people agree in the value of employee development. From improved morale to reduced turnover,  from better productivity to more opportunity to promote from within, offering training to your team is beneficial for everyone, including the company. It can sometimes be difficult, though, to know worthwhile training from off-the-shelf time wasters. There’s more to learning than just hearing instructions, and there’s more to training than narrating a video.
That’s where AdvantEdge Training & Consulting stands out. Our classes are taught live and in-person, affording students the opportunity to engage with their instructor, as well as with other students. Beyond simple videos and slideshows, your students get course materials that they can work with, as well as save for future reference. All classes are dynamic and interactive, so your team is excited and participating throughout. Microsoft application classes are hands-on, so students actively learn. Professional Development (soft skills) classes are engaging and encouraging. Because we develop our own courses, AETC can even work with you and your team to create tailored courses that specifically address your situation, needs, and goals.
Even after their fun, active class, any people benefit from post-class support. AdvantEdge Training & Consulting offers Workshops, where your team can get in-person, one-on-one guidance from their instructor, so they can best apply what they have learned. Classes taken in our virtual training centers even include free retakes.
What You Do Want vs. What You Don’t Want:
Live, in-person instruction vs.  Videos, because they’re definitely not shopping online while the video plays in another browser, right?
Interactive, Hands-on training vs. Online slideshows (I saw it. Pretty sure I don’t remember it verbatim.)
Real Course Materials vs. A link, buried somewhere in those bookmarks. Forgot your password? These simple 27 steps will help.
Professional Adult Educators vs. people who can put an audience to sleep
Custom Content vs. One size fits some

Where do you want to spend your training budget?

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