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Be a Time Management with Outlook Superhero

Time Management with Outlook Superheroes

Meanwhile, back at the Work Cave. . .

“Holy laser printers, Workman! That deadline is approaching fast, and you are being distracted by incoming emails!”
“They are coming in every couple of minutes, Bobbin! I can’t hold them off much longer. My inbox will never be empty!”
“But, Workman, what about the project?”
“I’m doing what I can, but. . . these. . .emails. . . .”
“You must regain your focus, Workman, or the project is doomed!”
“Trying. . .to. . .multitask. . . .”
“Workman, research has shown that multitasking just doesn’t work!”
“Really? I didn’t know that.”
“There are also a bunch of tools in Outlook that can help you get organized and save time, too. Employ them, and KAPOW, you will get the project done AND have an empty inbox!”
“But how?!?!?”
“Try clicking here, then. . . .”
“But buttons are my kryptonite, Bobbin!”
“Kryptonite only effects Superman, Workman. And you’re no Superman.”
“But what if I mess something up, if I press the wrong button? Then the forces of chaos would win!”
“Workman, why don’t you head to headquarters to train in Time Management, and all the ways that Outlook can help keep you on point.”
“Yeah, AdvantEdge Training & Consulting. They have the classes you need to cut down on clutter and distraction in your work day, Workman.”
“Will they fit on my utility belt?”
“Just go take the class, Workman.”

Want to be a superhero in your working life? Check out AdvantEdge Training & Consulting’s Time Management with Outlook course, and add a some organizational tools to your workday arsenal.

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