Show Formulas Shortcut – Excel

Show Formulas Shortcut ExcelWhen prepping a workbook for a template, typically it needs to be cleared of data, so that the template is ready for new data each time a new workbook is created. The functionality, on the other hand, needs to be left intact, so that a user does not need to recreate the wheel every time they need to do work. By using the Show Formulas command, it is easier to removed data without accidentally removing any formulas or other functionality that has been built into the workbook.
The command for Show Formulas is found on the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing group, as shown below.Excel Formulas shortcuts - Task bar
If you prefer to use shortcuts, you can use the shortcut for this command. This is accomplished by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and then pressing the tilde mark ( ֮ ) key, directly left of the 1 key. Once you use the shortcut, your worksheet will show all cells with formulas, as depicted below:
Show Excel Formulas Shortcuts - Spreadsheet
It is important to note that dates will appear as numbers, such as the cells above containing the numbers 41730, 41760 and 41791. Ensure you do not remove these numbers, if you wish to keep the dates in your worksheet.

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