Custom Bullet Points in Word

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Customizing a bullet point can be fun and useful, bringing more attention to important information. As with anything new, using this method to bring attention to information takes a little time to get others in sync with you. However, once it catches on, it can help people understand what is a priority, when it comes to various task lists, or more importantly, when it comes to vital information needed for a project or job.

Let’s take a look at how to create a custom bullet point.

  1. Create four lines of text, to be used with the bullet points
  2. Highlight the four lines of text, and click the drop-down arrow for the Bulleted List,  located in the Paragraph group, in the Home tab of the ribbon
  3. Click Define New Bullet at the bottom of the menu
  4. Click the Symbol button – This will bring up a dialog box for all available symbols 
  5. Click the drop-down menu for the Fonts symbols menu, and select Wingdings, towards the bottom of the menu 
  6. Select a symbol that will stand out, and click OK twice
  7. Your bullets will change over to the new bullet shape 

If you return to the Define New Bullet dialog box, note there is a selection to use pictures as bullet points. This is a fun way to use company logos as bullet points, but keep in mind that some pictures do not display well as bullet points. 

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