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Training for the Millennials and beyond!

How do you best train the Millennial generation that is becoming a more substantial part of the workforce? How do you ensure that they get the type of training they need, without sacrificing what other generations need as well?
Mountain States Employers Council recently conducted an intensive Millennials study that included results on what types of training works best for them. Some key needs that Millennials highlighted were that “In-person training is very important when learning is from a subject matter expert. Keep the trainings short, varied, interactive, with hands-on exercises and a personal touch. A key component to training for Millennials is information needs to be applicable so it applies to the real world. . . Millennials appreciate an explanation of why something is relevant.”
At AdvantEdge Training & Consulting, we specialize in training that is live and in-person, so students can get direct access from the instructor as well as other students. “We have many students who come to us because they are frustrated with other training companies. They have arrived for a class, only to be placed at a dummy terminal where the instructor is remote in another city. We find that people prefer to be in the same room with their instructor and other students, as it encourages questions and interaction that aid in learning. That is why we conduct our classes in-person, and also limit our class size to only 12 students. It gives students the individual attention they need with the instructor,” said Jenny Douras, Vice President of AdvantEdge Training & Consulting.
Our courses also take a unique approach, keeping them varied, short, and applicable to the real world:
First, we offer “corporate courses” which condense classes to a 4 hour format rather than the standard 6 hours. This better fits into a morning or afternoon, to minimize the impact on a work day. Students can get back to the office and apply the skills they learned the same day.
Second, we make sure the classes have a varied format with instructor demo and presentation, as well as group hands-on interactive learning, and then individual practice.
Third, we have created learning content that builds on scenarios that are applicable to the real world, and that give students explanations and reasons for use, as they learn, rather than simply teaching the hierarchy of steps without context.
So what about training that best suits other generations in your company? The good news is that these are training techniques that all generations respond well to, and that aid in retention of content. Adult learning theory has found that interaction, live, in-person training, and relevancy to real world scenarios, all encourage more positive results in adult learning. So to ensure your company receives the best results in developing employees, make certain students have in-person access to their instructor with interaction, and targeted, relevant content.

It isn’t really about the generation; it’s about strong career skills. Get software and professional development training with AETC!

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