Word Keyboard Functions

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Many of today’s users prefer using the keyboard for as many functions as possible. If you are this type of user, here is a keyboard short cut for removing some different types of formatting quickly and easily. If you prefer to use your mouse, that is still an option but you might want to give this a try!

Quickly remove formatting

If text has been formatted and you want it to appear back in its original state, just click on the word or section of text and press [Ctrl] + [Space] simultaneously. To remove any formatting with a style, click on [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] and it will go back to the default style.

Applying Bold and Italics

To apply Bold or Italics to text, either select the desired text or click within the desired word, and press [Ctrl] + [B] to make text Bold, and [Ctrl] + [I] to make it Italics.  The same shortcut keys can be used to change Bold or Italic text back to normal formatting.

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