Print Word Shortcut Keys

print_shortcut_keysWould you like to have a list of all shortcut keys in Word? There is a macro in Word that will create a document with all of the Word shortcut keys.

  • On the View tab, click the Macros button (or in 2003 click on Tools on the menu bar, point to Macro, and then click Macros)
  • In the field Macros in: drop-down, click the drop-down arrow and select Word commands
  • In the Macro name: box, type the letter “L” on your keyboard, then find and click ListCommands. Observe that when you select a macro in this list its description appears in the Description: box at the bottom of the dialog
  • Click the Run button
  • In the List Commands dialog box, click Current menu and keyboard settings
  • Click OK – this will generate a document with all commands listed

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