Formatting Font in Word for MLA Style

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The 2007-2010 default font setting for Microsoft Word is Calibri 11 . MLA style requires Times New Roman 12. To format font in Word to match MLA style requirements:
From the Home Tab in the Font section

    • Click the Font Dialog box launcher. This will open the Font dialog box
    • In the Font:drop down menu scroll to select Times New Roman.

font for mla

  • In the Size: drop down menu, scroll to select 12.

Note: to permanently change the setting to Times New Roman 12pt for all future documents:

  • Select the Set As Default button in the lower right corner.
  • In the Microsoft Word dialog box, click All documents based on the Normal template?This will set the formatting for all future Microsoft Word documents to Times New Roman 12.
  • Click OK

font for mla


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