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Top 5 Best Practices in SharePoint

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Best practices in SharePoint

How important is it to follow best practices in SharePoint?

It can be the difference between a company that loves SharePoint and a company that hates SharePoint.

The problem is that there is next to nothing on the internet about best practices that need to be used in SharePoint. Sure, there are plenty of videos and articles that are tagged as “Best Practice.”  It turns out, though, almost all of these are really about how to use whatever functionality is demonstrated in the video or article. If you are not sure what is truly best practice in SharePoint, this can make building a great SharePoint site nearly impossible.

Best Practices from the ground up increase user adoption

In this video, we will talk about the five most important best practice areas, when building a SharePoint site.

There are more than five best practice areas. Watch for additional videos about best practices from AdvantEdge Training.

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