Take Excel to the Next Level

So many people use MS Excel daily that it would seem to be the one application everyone understands. It isn’t. While most people use Excel daily, not everyone knows how to do much beyond the basics, and no one knows everything Excel can do. MS Excel has become a very powerful tool for business, and has functions that many people don’t even realize exist!
AdvantEdge Training & Consulting has nine different Excel courses, plus an Excel Boot Camp. Beginning with Excel Basic, you can cruise through the entire Excel series and become an Excel master! Six of our Excel courses are just half-day classes. As you become an advanced Excel user, the three full-day courses develop your deep level skills. You receive a certificate for each course you complete.
Whether you are self-taught and have been using MS Excel for years, or are brand new to Excel and need to start at the beginning, AdvantEdge Training & Consulting MS Excel series can help. Register today!

Learn more amazing things that can be done in Excel with a live or online course from AdvantEdge Training & Consulting.