SharePoint 2010: Moving Documents Between Libraries

If you need to move documents from one library to another in SharePoint, or even from one folder to another, you can use this technique.

  • Go to one of the libraries, and locate the documents you wish to move.
  • On the Library tab on the Ribbon, click on the Open with Explorer button. This will open your library in Windows Explorer – and you should see your documents in it.


  • Minimize this window and then go to the other folder or library in SharePoint, where you wish to move the documents.
  • Open this new location by clicking the Open with Explorer button. You should now have two Window’s Explorer windows open.
  • Click-and-drag the documents from one window to the other.
  • When done moving all documents, close both windows and refresh the SharePoint site. You should now see your documents located in the new location.

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