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PowerPoint: Presentation looping in PowerPoint 2013

Have you ever needed an endlessly looping PowerPoint presentation, but were unable to make it loop?
In PowerPoint 2013, it’s extremely easy:
Just open the Slide Setup tab, click the Setup Slide Show command in the Set Up group

Then select Loop Continuously Until Esc.

Keep in mind that the slide transitions will need to be set to automatically move to the next slide via the time, which is located on the Transitions tab in the Timing group. Check the box next to the After command (far right side of ribbon), and set the timer.

Now your PowerPoint is ready to be watched without having to be restarted over and over.
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PowerPoint: The art of expansion

PowerPoint slides are meant to be placeholders, not read-a-longs. When people are not sure what is going to be said, but have an idea of the subject matter, they are more likely to pay attention.
PowerPoint Tip
Learn the best ways to develop your presentations in PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Quickly change to a new design

Did you find you chose the wrong design for your PowerPoint presentation? No need to close it and open a new one.
Quickly change to a new design from the Themes group in the Design tab.
Themes are live galleries, allowing you to see what it looks like before you make a choice. Simply hover over the theme you like best, to see how your presentation will look.
PowerPoint Tip
Click the theme you want to use, and PowerPoint will alter the presentation for you.
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Create a video of your PowerPoint presentation

New to PowerPoint 2016, you can create a video of your PowerPoint presentation and use it on the web. To do this, go to the “Export” section, under the “File” tab.
PowerPoint tipYou will need to select a few settings:
Video Quality –
PowerPoint tip
Video Timing and Narrations –
PowerPoint tipTime to Spend on Each Slide –
PowerPoint tip
Once done, click “Create Video,” then name the presentation, and choose the file type. Now, your video is ready.
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PowerPoint: PowerPoint Starter Presentations

There are two PowerPoints available, in the ‘New’ area of the File tab, to help you get started with PowerPoint, if you are unfamiliar with the software.
These two PowerPoints include ‘Welcome to PowerPoint’ and ‘Make Interactive Videos with PowerPoint and Office Mix’.
PowerPoint Tip
These two PowerPoints give you some basics to help you get started creating your own presentations.

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