Excel Name Ranges

Identify cells and data with Excel name ranges.
Excel name ranges make finding and identifying data easier. They can also be used in formulas in place of cell references. This makes formulas easier to understand and build.
To use Excel name ranges in a formula:

    • Select your desired cells
    • Excel Name Box
    • In the Name Box, above the row headings, type a name for the range (you cannot use spaces) then press Enter
    • Go to any other spreadsheet
    • Click the drop-down arrow in the Name Box and choose your named range from the list and note how it places you back into the spreadsheet with that range of cells selected
    • Click in a cell and type a formula such as: =Sum(
    • Excel Defined Names
    • On the Formula tab in the Defined Names group, click the Use in Formula button and select the name of your range from the menu
    • Type a close parentheses ) and press Enter
    • View the formula in the formula bar and note that it does not use cell references but rather your named range


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