Word Intermediate - More Than Words

Class Duration: 4 hours

Once you have mastered the basics of word processing, it’s time to learn how to make your documents sparkle. MS Word offers tools that can turn your basic communications into eye-catching documents, with formatting, colors, and graphics that work to emphasize and enhance your text. This Intermediate Microsoft Word training class covers intermediate topics in editing and designing of documents. 

You will learn to use MS Word as more than just a word processor, creating polished and effective documents. Our training courses allow you to engage with our instructors, as well as interactive practice activities, to be sure you’ve mastered the course material. Our knowledgeable educators will be there in class to lead you to a solid mastery of Intermediate Word skills.

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this Intermediate MS Word class will be able to use Microsoft Office Word to create professional looking documents with graphics, page layout, and design elements. Students will learn to create, use, and edit templates. Students will master effort-saving tools, such as using the Format Painter, AutoText, and the Status bar. The will understand collaborative tools, such as comments and tracking changes. Students will know how to use more advanced editing tools, and will be able to insert tables, as well as import and manipulate graphics, to seamlessly integrate them into documents.


Student who take this Intermediate Microsoft Office Word training course should possess basic Word and computer skills, and should be comfortable navigating in the Microsoft Office environment.

Topics Covered

  • Opening templates
  • Adding text into a template
  • Creating a new template
  • Editing templates

Tools to Save Time

  • Format Painter
  • Adding entries to AutoText
  • Using AutoText
  • Using the Status Bar
  • Tracking changes
  • Comments

Other Editing tools

  • Bullets and numbering
  • Creating bullets and numbered lists
  • Adjusting margins
  • Creating a title
  • Adding borders and shading
  • Symbols and special characters
  • Headers and footers


  • Applying styles
  • Modifying formatting
  • Saving the style
  • Working with sections
  • Inserting columns
  • Working with multiple sections


  • Importing graphics
  • Resizing graphics
  • Cropping graphics
  • Text wrapping
  • SmartArt


  • Setting up a table
  • Inserting cells
  • Adjusting column, row, and cell height
  • Merging cells
AdvantEdge Training’s Intermediate Microsoft Word class will allow you to go beyond simple text to create polished and eye-catching documents. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees. We are based in Denver and Phoenix, but can travel to your company location anywhere in the country.

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