Understanding Personality Types at Work (Webinar)

Do others just not seem to work the way you do or handle situations differently? Do others seem to just not get it? Are there conflicts or disagreements that frustrate you and could easily be resolved if others would just change how they are doing things?

There are no two personalities alike. The world is full of diverse people with different backgrounds, experiences, and maps of the world. So how do we understand the different types of personalities out there? How can we learn to work best with each type to reduce conflict, increase productivity, and have a more positive work culture?

By understanding the dynamics of different personalities, we can learn how to work best with each of them and have a more positive work environment.

Webinar Details

It’s important to have a range of personality types in our workplace and on each team that we work with. There is strength in having different people with different personalities focusing on different aspects of work to ensure workplaces have the highest level of quality and productivity. Some people are good at looking after facts and figures, while others can appeal to emotions, spontaneity, or reinforce the importance of rules and processes. It’s the blend of different personalities, the presence of different temperaments within a multitude of strengths, which keeps businesses successful and team cultures thriving.

In this webinar we will look at different personality types, understand our own as well as the best way to work with others. We will analyze why we should try to understand the different personality types and how to leverage each of them to make a team successful.

Topics Covered

  • The different types of personality assessments to employ
  • Style Diversity
  • Personality assessment exercise
  • Review of assessment results and what they mean
  • Why should people understand different personalities in the workplace
  • How to work with different personality types
  • Understanding emotional expression in ourselves and others
  • The power in sharing our personality issues with others
  • Tips on managing a team with different personality types

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