Getting a Handle on Outlook Email (Webinar)

Feeling overwhelmed by email? Need to learn how to get a better handle on it so that you control it, and it doesn’t control you. If you have hundreds of emails in your Inbox right now, this course will teach you how to get down to zero each day, and how to reduce your stress by better managing the emails that come in. This class will help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks in your Outlook emails.

Webinar Details

Does Outlook and email sometimes feel like the bane of your existence? Does it feel like you are bombarded with so many emails you can never keep up? Does your Outlook inbox feel like its overflowing and hard to find the important items you need?

In this session we will look at how to get a handle on email so it doesn’t control you. We will learn how to get to zero emails in your inbox at the end of each day and how to stay organized to find the things you need. You will learn the Outlook tools you can use to help you spend less time with your emails, and free up more time for other things in your day.

This session will combine Time Management and Outlook tools to help you win the battle over emails.

Topics Covered

  • Applying the Time Management Chunking technique to emails
  • How to get to zero emails in your Inbox each day and why its important
  • The 6 options to handling email
  • Email organizational tools
  • Turning emails into tasks
  • Using search folders
  • Creating rules
  • Folder organization ideas
  • Desktop Alerts
  • Instant searching options
  • Printing time saver
  • Quick Steps
  • Email Etiquette

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