Managing in a Technical Environment Training

Class Duration: 7 hours

Managing a team of technical employees can be different than managing a team with different focus. You need to know how to hold them accountable, how to encourage the right communication, how to keep them motivated and engaged, and how to ensure they are productive. This course covers those techniques that technical managers need to ensure their team’s success.

Training Class Goals

  • The keys to successfully managing IT employees
  • Laying a foundation to keep technical employees on track
  • Apply effective coaching and feedback strategies that produce results
  • Communication techniques for managers and their teams
  • Ways to motivate a technical team
  • Learn how to interview and hire the best candidates for your technical team


There are no requirements to attend this class.

Topics Covered

The 6 keys to successfully managing IT employee

Behaviors that make a great manager and those to avoid

Key focus areas of a manager

Laying the foundation – how to keep IT workers on track without being a micro manager

  • Creating accountability
  • Laying the clear path with Purpose and Expectations for your IT teams
  • How to track and measure IT performance for both KPIs and behavioral needs
  • Setting SMART Goals to track and measure employee performance
  • Performance planning & reviews

Communication techniques for IT Managers

  • Identifying issues
  • Establishing credibility
  • Meeting techniques – how to keep meetings on track while keeping IT staff engaged
  • Observation Skills – identifying behavior issues before they escalate


  • When to coach
  • How to coach
  • Coaching techniques to get IT employees involved in the solution

Ways to motivate an IT team

  • Creating Trust
  • How to motivate with techniques that are long lasting

How to hire the right IT staff

Critical Thinking – how to not get caught up in the chaos

Our instructors are based in Arizona and Colorado, but can travel to any location outside of those states.

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