Leading Remote Teams (Webinar)

Do you have a team of employees that work in a different location than you? How do you manage them to ensure they are as productive and collaborative as an in-office team? Do you know the different leadership practices you should be employing when managing a virtual team? How does managing a virtual team differ from the standard in-office team environment? Find out how you can best manage and lead virtual and remote teams of employees in this webinar to ensure success.

Webinar Details

There are key differences between managing and leading teams remotely vs in-office teams. If you want to ensure your virtual or remote team is successful and working at optimal productivity, then you need to employ several unique techniques. Also, you need to focus on specific things to ensure your have a strong team culture and strong collaboration among dispersed teams.

Many companies have recently seen teams restructured with many employees working remotely. This new dynamic, where teams no longer all work together in the same physical office, can cause issues if management is not given the techniques and tools needed to best manage from a distance. This session will cover those techniques needed and what managers can do to create a successful and happy team.

Session Learning Objectives

  • How to lay a clear foundation for virtual teams to ensure they stay on the right course
  • How to create an accountability system to ensure remote employees are meeting goals
  • How communication needs to change with remote teams
  • Keeping your team connected to each other, you, and the company
  • How to create a team community that fosters a strong culture and collaboration
  • How to coach from a distance
  • Best training and development methods
  • How to best motivate remote employees

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