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Leadership management training in the Phoenix and Denver areas helps individuals understand how to plan and execute successful team coordination to be influential leaders. Our leadership and strategic management course at AdvantEdge Training focuses on teaching individuals how to build relationships, develop trust and be effective leaders with their teams. With our leadership management course, you will learn how to create the framework to lead a team, the tools to encourage collaboration, and develop practical strategies for problem-solving. We focus on creating a safe space for developing new ideas through communication, transparency, and constructive feedback. Ultimately, this course will equip you with the skills needed to become a strong leader that can motivate your team toward success.

Class Duration: 7 hours

Whether you are a supervisor, manager, or becoming one for the first time, leadership training is the foundation. The simple fact of having people that work under you, does not ensure you are good at leading them and keeping them engaged and on the right path. Leadership is a skill that takes a lot of practice and education if you want to be good at it.

Training Class Goals

This course will give you the tools, strategies and approaches you need to take to be a successful leader who others want to follow.


None – this course is good for anyone who manages, supervises, or leads employees, or who is looking to move into one of those roles.

Topics Covered

  • Leadership Self-Assessment
  • What is a Leader
  • Ownership of Leaders
  • Servant Leadership
  • The Boss vs Pal mistakes
  • Finding the right balance between Flexibility and Firmness
  • Laying a good foundation
  • Communication
    • Engaging with Empathy
    • Establishing your Credibility
  • Running effective meetings
  • Critical Thinking
  • Giving Employees a Voice
  • Dealing with Change – using the PEER method
  • Feedback
    • Delivering Poor performance feedback
  • Diffusing Emotion in others to Improve Communications
  • Developing Trust
  • Motivating others
  • Steering Behaviors with the Right Intentions
  • Critical thinking
  • Ethics and Integrity testing

Leadership Training is a critical component to being a successful business person and manager. Leadership is a skill that can be developed with the right training. This course will give you the toolbox of critical things you will need to get you started. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees.

Upcoming Classes

If you have at least 5 people we can create a session just for you.  Or, you can contact us for a private session. Contact Us

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