Employee Retention (Webinar)

Job turnover is at an all-time high. It costs a company on average about 30-50% of an employee’s salary every time a position turns over due to hiring, training, and loss of productivity costs. How can we reduce turnover to save money, as well as avoid a talent drain on the company?

This webinar will focus on strategies to help you keep employees and good talent without having to break the bank on excessive salaries and benefits. You can apply these techniques for any level of employee from entry level to management, to help you keep and maintain good employees.

Webinar Details

People seem to be changing jobs at an ever-faster pace. The pandemic created what we now call the great resignation where it seems everyone is jumping ship to find a better job in an employee shortage market.

In this webinar we will look at key practices managers and companies can put into place to help retain their top talent and reduce their turnover. We will look at how to manage and care for our talent in a way that makes them partners in our business who have a vested interest in its success.

We will look at how to create a culture where employees feel excited about their job and consider themselves lucky to be able to work where they do, for as long as they can.

Topics Covered

  • Like Flies to Honey – the corporate culture and environments that make people stick
  • Its not about the money – What ranks highest in employee satisfaction
  • Development strategies – creating a growth culture
  • Building employee confidence and increasing job satisfaction
  • Increasing employee commitment
  • Expanding job roles for success
  • Its all about Employee feedback
  • Creating an employee business ownership mindset
  • Creating flexibility without losing expectations and goals

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