Emerging Leaders Intensive Training

Class Duration: 7 days

This 7 day intensive course is designed for new emerging leaders or current leaders who want to really develop into the best leader and manager they can truly be. It covers all of the essential skills needed to be an exceptional leader. Everything from leading with Emotional Intelligence, the soups-to-nuts of basic management skills, how to hire the right people, how to deal with people who can be difficult, and how to present your ideas and speak to move people to action. It also includes a 1 day workshop, for additional coaching and hands on practice, to round out skills and get feedback on dealing with specific situations. The course can be broken down in 1 day sections to be covered over multiple months, or done in a week and a half of intensive back-to-back training days, depending on your leaders’ needs.

Training Class Goals

This course will help you build your leadership toolbox with tools, strategies, and approaches to help you be a successful leader who others want to follow. It will give you things you can apply immediately, with visible results, in your real life situations you encounter as a leader. If you want to be the best leader you can be, this is the course that can get you there!


There are no requirements to attend this class.

Topics Covered

Effective Business Communications for Managers

  • Approaching Communication
    • Components of good communication
    • Understanding others
    • Changing Assumptions to understand others
      • How to understand another’s perspective
      • Listening skills
    • Delivering an effective message
      • Non-verbal cues and body language
      • Keeping Words, Tone & Body Language in synch
    • Developing Interpersonal Relationships
      • Building Rapport & Empathy
      • Using Communication to Establish Credibility
    • Reducing Conflict
      • Taking Empathy further to diffuse emotions
      • Being assertive without being aggressive
      • Handling employee conflicts
    • Writing Effective Emails

Management 101

  • Leadership
    • What is a leader
    • Ownership of Leadership
    • Servant Leadership
    • Avoiding the Boss & Pal mistakes
    • When to be Flexible and when to be firm
    • Ethics & Integrity
  • Management
    • Key Management focus areas
    • Laying a clear foundation
      • Visions, Expectations and SMART goal setting
      • Creating Accountability systems
    • Understanding your Employees
      • Observational Skills
      • Asking more questions – critical thinking
      • Giving Employees a Voice
    • Coaching & Feedback
      • When to give feedback
      • Feedback Tips
      • Delivering Poor Performance feedback
      • When to coach employees
      • Using the TLC coaching method
      • Using the Socratic coaching method
      • Performance reviews
      • Writing & Delivering Action Plans
    • Developing and Motivating teams
      • Developing Trust
      • Motivating employees
      • Methods for Training Employees
      • Team building & creating a good culture
    • Leadership test and action plan

Emotional Intelligent Leadership

  • Mastering ourselves
  • The importance of EI in work
  • Mindfulness
  • Analyzing before you react
  • Self-Perception
  • Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Expression
  • Impulse Control
  • Avoiding Emotional Shark Attacks
  • Changing behaviors that don’t BODE well
  • Changing the direction of interactions
  • Diffusing Emotion in others to improve communications
  • Social Responsibility
  • Creating optimism
  • Finding Happiness and Well-being
  • Key EI techniques to make you the master of interactions
  • Tools to take back to your teams

Holding Meeting with Results

  • Types of meetings
  • Preparing for meetings
  • Creating agendas
  • Key tasks of a meeting leader
  • Group leader roles
  • Managing process and content as the facilitator
  • Changing it up – Alternate meeting styles
  • Dealing with difficult meeting participants
  • Avoiding death by meeting

Becoming a Dynamic Presenter

  • Writing a good presentation
    • Understanding the goals and audience
    • Creating a powerful Introduction
    • Closing a presentation
  • Developing a Strong Presentation Style
  • Adding Interest to Your Delivery
    • Incorporating Personal Stories
    • Using Verbal Examples
    • Using Analogies
    • Including Humor
    • Adding Vocal Variety
    • Learning to Move
  • Managing Your Audience
  • Increasing Audience Retention
  • Creating good handouts

Behavioral Interviewing

  • Why finding the right person is so important
    • Cost of turnover
  • Identifying the right position needs
    • Identifying skills, knowledge, and talents
  • Emotional Intelligence and Hiring
  • Job interview questions to avoid
  • Different types of interviewing questions
  • Behavioral interviewing
  • Probing techniques
  • Interviewing barriers
  • Interviewing prep and format
  • Other interview techniques

Dealing with Difficult People

    • Understanding behavior motivators
      • The 4 quadrants of behavior
      • Benefits of confrontation
    • Identifying the bad actors
      • The war games
      • The insecure
      • The unfriendly
    • Dealing with Difficult people strategies
      • Blending
      • Listening to understand
      • Speaking to be understood
    • The 3-step conflict resolution model
    • Strategies for dealing with each of the 9 difficult bad actor types
    • What to do if you identify with one of the bad actor types

Get the skills to transform your leadership with the Emerging Leaders Intensive course.  Our instructors are based in Arizona and Colorado, but can travel to any location outside of those states.

Upcoming Classes

If you have at least 5 people we can create a session just for you.  Or, you can contact us for a private session. Contact Us

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