Effective Presenters 2 - Becoming a Dynamic Presenter Training

Class Duration: 7 hours

Our Effective Presenters 2 – Becoming a Dynamic Presenter class further develops presentation and audience management skills to increase retention. This class offers more in-depth public speaking coaching to help students learn how to make their presentations dynamic and engaging so the audience will never forget it. As well, in this public speaking seminar, students will learn to effectively use additional tools, such as PowerPoint, to compliment their presentation and engage their audience.

Training Class Goal

This public speaking seminar will help you understand the different obstacles you can encounter from your audience, and how to handle them, as well as how to read audience signals and tailor your presentation to them. Learn how create a dynamic presentation that will not put your audience to sleep!

Students exiting this class will learn presentation skills to help make presentations more impactful and interesting. They will learn techniques they can add to any content to deliver memorable presentations. They will also learn how to manage a difficult audience and keep them engaged.


Students should have basic PowerPoint skills and be comfortable speaking in front of a large group.

Topics Covered

  • Developing a strong presentation style – Identifying and developing your persona – how you are perceived by our audience
  • Adding interest to your delivery – How to capture your audience’s attention with personal stories, verbal examples and humor.
  • Learning to move – Learn how movement can enhance your presentation delivery.
  • Managing Your Audience – How to connect with your audience and adjust your presentation as needed. How to control questions and handle objections. Learn how to deal with hidden agendas and disruptions.
  • Using Tools – Understanding how adults learn and what tools can increase learning. Learn how to create an effective handout, PowerPoint slide and flipchart.
  • Additional tips for successful PowerPoint presentations – presentation keyboard shortcuts, how to keep the focus on you and not the slide, 5 tips for professional slides.
  • Increasing attention and participation – Learn how to increase attention and retention in trainings and ways to get audiences to participate.
  • Openers, Closers and Games – Create a toolbox of openers, closers and games that can be used in different presentations, or pulled out for use in and “emergency.” Understand what an effective opener/closer/game is and when and when not to use one, as well as what types work for different situations.

The Effective Presenters 2 – Becoming a Dynamic Presenter seminar provides coaching and training to take your presentations to the next level so that you will be the one the audience can never forget.

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