Presentations in the Virtual World (Webinar)

Anyone who has to give presentations or training virtually through a webinar format, this webinar is for you! If you are worried that you won’t appear as polished or engaging giving a virtual presentation, or if you fear that your audience will tune out, you will learn techniques to keep them engaged in during this webinar.

Webinar Details

As more of the workforce is working remotely, we have had to adapt many of the ways we do things to a virtual environment, and that includes meetings, trainings and other presentations. It can be a bit trickier to ensure people don’t tune out when using this format. It can also be challenging to ensure you look just as professional virtually as you do with an in-person setting. In this session we will look at the 4 key things you can do to make a great impression in a virtual format – to ensure you are polished and professional, and putting your best foot forward. We will also look at how to keep the presentation interesting and engaging so that people don’t tune out and are just as involved as they would be in-person. Finally we will discuss content considerations, to keep presentations interesting, if you are designing presentations for a virtual delivery.

Topics Covered

  • Staging – Make sure you look your best!
  • Keep it Interesting – Ensure your audience can’t look away
  • Getting Engagement – Creating Interaction
  • Developing – Tips to create the best presentations for Virtual Delivery

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