Effective Workplace Communication Techniques (Webinar)

Do you struggle getting your point across at work? Do you feel like you get often get run over when you are trying to share an idea, or that no one respects your stance when you need to set boundaries or say “No?” Or do you feel that you often resort to yelling or forceful ways to get your message across and you’d like to find a softer approach?

In this webinar we will look at techniques you can use to be heard, get more people to say “yes” to your ideas, and to help you get more confidence in how you communicate.

Webinar Details

A big part of your success in business is wrapped around how well you communicate with others. Do you know how to get your point across? How do you communicate diplomatically with tricky topics? How do you say “No” to something without jeopardizing your credibility? How do you portray yourself in a positive light in any interaction? In this webinar, we will look at how to tackle these communication challenges and communicate in ways that display your best self.

We will look at the different techniques you can use to be assertive but diplomatic when needed. Also, we will cover how to win over others to your ideas, and effective ways to best deliver your message.

Topics Covered

  • Building your confidence with Assertiveness and Self-attitude
  • How to be assertive without being an aggressive bully
  • How to say “No” without being runover or sounding like a jerk
  • How to set boundaries
  • How to effectively deliver your message
  • Listening to others
  • Building rapport with others to get buy-in to your ideas

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