Meeting with Results

Class Duration: 3 hours

Course Description

Does it seem like you spend way too much time in meetings that never deliver results? This course will show you how to run effective meetings that encourage collaboration and participation, that don’t drag on for hours and that create action after the meeting has ended. Learn about the different types of meetings and styles and how to create a meeting that is unique and engaging for everyone.

Training Class Goal

In AdvantEdge Training’s Meeting with Results class you will learn how to run more effective meetings that are more efficient and get more done.


None – this class is useful for anyone who needs to conduct meetings.

Topic Covered

  • Types of Meetings
    • Strategic Meetings
    • Tactical Meetings
  • Preparing for Meetings
    • Agendas
    • Checklists for success
    • Deciding who should attend
    • Formats and Styles
  • Leading a Meeting
    • Your Roles as a Leader and Facilitator
    • Things that can hamper productivity
    • Process and Content
    • Dealing with difficult people in meetings
    • Keeping meetings engaging
    • Developing a Plan for Success

We are based in Denver and Phoenix, but can travel to your company location anywhere in the country.