Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Training

Class Duration: 7 hours

In the Emotionally Intelligence Leadership training you will learn how to employ EI techniques to maximize your leadership influence. Whether you are a manager, supervisor, or leader or others, this course will help you refine the skills needed to lead so others follow. Learn how to read and influence others’ emotions, anticipate other’s behaviors, frame your communications and responses for maximum impact, develop the skills to be more effective in communication, manage conflicts better, and get people from no to yes.

Training Class Goals

This course will help you build your leadership toolbox with EI tools, strategies, and approaches to help you be a successful leader who others want to follow.


None – this course is good for anyone who manages, supervises, or leads employees, or who is looking to move into one of those roles.

Topics Covered

  • What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it important for Leaders?
  • The 3 Strategic Components of EI
  • The 5 steps to begin an EI response
  • Reading ourselves
    • Understanding your Self-Perception
    • Emotional Self Awareness
  • Adjusting our Self-Expressions
  • Understanding triggers
  • Patterns, Habits and Baggage
  • Communication focus areas
  • Understanding Impulse Control
  • Communication for Leaders
    • Understanding and reading others
    • Filtering through the noise
    • Non-verbal techniques
    • Creating communication consistency
  • Using empathy to grow relationships
  • Diffusing emotion in others to improve communications
  • Avoiding emotional shark attacks
  • Behaviors that don’t BODE well
  • Changing reactions
  • Improving Communications with Another
  • Interpersonal techniques
    • Social responsibility
    • Building company relationships
    • Turing pessimists into optimists

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Training is a critical component to being a successful businessperson and manager. EI Leadership is a skill that can be developed with the right training. This course will give you the toolbox of critical things you will need to get you started. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees.