Using Word Templates

When you were in school, you probably had to write according to standards set forth by the your school, such as the APA or MLA stylebooks. In Word, you can…

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Selecting Text in Word

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There are different ways to select text in a Word document, from a single word to the entire document. Sure, you can drag-select text anywhere in a document, but selecting…

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Professional Symbols – Word

Have you ever wondered how to add the various professional symbols in Word? Symbols for copyright, trademark, and others are available, but they are not always easy to find. The…

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Custom Bullet Points in Word

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Customizing a bullet point can be fun and useful, bringing more attention to important information. As with anything new, using this method to bring attention to information takes a little…

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Quickly add random text in Word

Have you ever been in the middle of a presentation using Word and had the need to demonstrate something with text, so you typed in a bunch of garbage text?…

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Word Overtype Mode

In early version of Word, you could press your insert key on your keyboard to either type over text or insert text. The default was to insert text, but you…

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Translations in Word

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Have you ever needed to translate a document into another language or a document from another country into English? Follow these steps to have Word do it for you: Select…

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Projects generally have more moving parts than tasks. Projects require a series of tasks and may have the complexity to justify project management techniques. Generally, the first two questions to…

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