Microsoft Access Advanced Training

Class Duration: 7 hours

AccessAccess is a useful and flexible application for building and managing databases.  You’ve covered many of the basic functions of Microsoft® Office Access® 2016, and now you’re ready to learn advanced Access features such as database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, preparing a database for multiple-user access, and more. Knowledge of these features separate database professionals from the casual database users or occasional designers. This Access Advance course is designed for students with significant Access experience. This course includes ample hands in activities to ensure you have mastered each lesson, and our experienced educators will be with you to lead you to an advanced understanding of Access, as well as to answer all of your questions.

Access Advanced Training Class Goal

Students who complete this Advanced Access class will feel confident with the advanced features in Microsoft Access and will be able to develop complex detailed databases.  Advanced database management tools will also be taught.


Students entering this Advanced Access training class should have a comfortable familiarity with creating databases and Intermediate Access skills.

Topics Covered

Implementing Advanced Form Design

  • Add Controls to Forms
  • Enhance Navigation and Organization of Forms
  • Apply Conditional Formatting

Sharing Data Across Applications

  • Import Data into Access
  • Export Access Data
  • Link Tables to External Data Sources
  • Create a Mail Merge

Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

  • Create a Macro
  • Restrict Records by Using a Condition
  • Validate Data by Using a Macro
  • Automate Data Entry by Using a Macro

Using VBA

  • Getting Started with VBA
  • Enhance Access by Using VBA

Using Advanced Database Management

  • Manage a Database
  • Determine Object Dependencys
  • Document a Database

Distributing and Securing a Database

  • Splitting a Database for Multiple-User Access
  • Implement Security
  • Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File
  • Package a Database with a Digital Signature

Managing Switchboards

  • Create a Database Switchboard
  • Modify a Database Switchboard
  • Set Start-up Options

AdvantEdge Training’s Advanced Access training course will give you the skills to be a master of this important database application. Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees. Our instructors are located in Denver and Phoenix, but can travel to your location anywhere in the USA.