Expanding and editing images for the most impact on your slide in PowerPoint

Most PowerPoint slides follow this pattern: A title across the top, bulleted text on the left. and an image on the right.  However, we are visual people.  So if you really want to make your slides impactful and memorable, make the image the size of the entire slide.  Have the image be the background with your text on top.
Sometimes it is hard to find the right image that has a place with less dense color, so that your text will display over it.  In this video we will look at how to set up a slide with an image in the background and the text on top, as well as some tricks to make it look good, including how to layer your content so your text is visible on top of the image, and how to edit your image so that your text displays, in an area that is easier to read in order to not conflict with your image.  Even if you don’t find the perfect image that will work with text, we will show you a trick to edit it to work the way you need it to.

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