Creating Section Groups in OneNote

Creating multiple notebooks can help keep work, school, or personal information separate, but is it really necessary to create a new notebook every time you have a new project for work or other information that needs to be separated out?
Section Groups act like a whole new space within the notebook, allowing a user to feel like it is a separate area. Once in the new Section Group, there is always a way back to the main area, or other Section Groups, making navigation never feel like a burden.
Within these Section Groups, a user can add sections and pages, as usual. The difference is that new sections and pages are not mixed with a mess of miscellaneous information, as the Section Groups can be added at any level. Organization, being key to keeping everything running smoothly, is a breeze: There are multiple ways to find what you are looking for, without drilling down through the different levels (a tip for another time).
Watch this video to find out how to add/build Section Groups.

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